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June 25, 2024
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How does Youwind handle innovation?

At Youwind, we are constantly working to improve our platform by adding new features to continue to chase technical innovation and make  our platform more user-friendly for our users in the offshore wind sector.   

In this article, we will be answering some questions related to the process we use at Youwind to better understand the needs of our clients and how we improve our solution for their needs. We will be addressing topics such as client needs, internal suggestions, quality testing, and others.  

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How do we decide what to work on next?  

Our onboarding and operational process allow us to have a good relationship with all our users and it is that same relationship that allows us to better understand their needs and concerns. We very much appreciate this valuable insight as it is a very powerful tool for us to continue improving our platform, and to be able to provide the best service to our users.

On many occasions, we discover that different users have similar needs, and often we have had the same request from different users, coming in over a small period. This is very useful to us because it helps us prioritize what we should build next, helping us maximise results for our users. 

We also take advantage of our team of experts who are working constantly to find new ways to improve the platform, to provide a better service for our users.  


How are changes done? 

Before any changes or new features are implemented onto the platform, they go through a series of stages to verify whether they are valid. A crucial part of this process is peer review and validation. A different perspective is one of the best tools to validate new ideas and hypothesis.

Once we add  new changes to our platform, our procedure is to discuss the new changes internally and a peer-to-peer review of the code is effectuated. By doing this, we can look at changes in the platform from many perspectives, allowing us to find errors and propose additional changes.  This helps us in sharing our knowledge and allows us to produce better code. Software developers call this process “pull requests” or “change requests”.


How do we handle quality assurance?

Once we have developed a new feature for our platform, it is crucial to test whether it is providing accurate results and readings  This is why we must perform quality assurance testing. Every time we add a new feature or change existing behavior on the platform, our internal automated tests (quality assurance) let us know what values and data shown to the users have changed.  

Then we need to change the expected number from the tests, if we agree the new results are more accurate. This process gives us confidence that whenever we implement a new change, we are on the right path, and we don’t change the platform to produce worse results overnight.  


At Youwind we take great pride in ensuring that our clients have the best solution to analyze early-stage offshore wind projects. If you would like to learn more about us. Don’t hesitate to contact us


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