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September 26, 2019
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Goldwind 8MW prototype unveiled

Chinese wind turbine supplier, Goldwind, launched today the prototype of a new offshore wind turbine with a turbine capacity of 8MW and rotor of 175m.

Last year, Goldwind launched three other models:

  • GW168-8MW
  • GW184-6.45MW,
  • and the typhoon-adaptive and low-wind-speed offshore GW168-6.45MW.

And this latest model is called GW175-8.0MW according to sources. Shanghai Electric unveiled its 8MW turbine last summer and Dongfang Electric already announced a 10MW model.

We couldn’t help ourselves analyzing this new wind turbine with known projects so we went right ahead and added the specifications into Youwind Model which now has access to all the offshore wind turbines that are commercially available. Below you can see the results from having used this turbine at East Anglia 1 for example.

We will look forward to reading more about the results of the prototype tests but all users of Youwind Model can now test this for their own projects and the other new wind turbines from the Chinese makers as mentioned above.  If you sign up for a free trial you can test how.

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