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April 3, 2024
6 min read time

Youwind new tools and features, April 2024

Development Update – April 2024

In this article, we give an overview of the latest additions to the Youwind web-based solution:

  • Existing neighbouring wind farms added to area screening and park layout design
  • Adaption of Air Density and multiple power curves
  • Internal and external wake loss efficiency split in scenario overview
  • Easy built-out of neighbouring wind farm scenarios
  • Updates of area screening that show mouse coordinates and duplicate button

As always, you can write to to get further information or help from our offshore wind experts.


Existing neighbouring wind farms

Under Area screening and My Layers then all the existing neighbouring wind farms, the number of positions and turbine types have been added.

This is displayed as a turbine map showing all existing turbines worldwide but also the ones Youwind users have created for their scenarios.

By seamlessly adding the neighboring wind farms from the global project directly to your scenario in Park Layout Design they are automatically included to calculate the existing wake effect with the chosen wake loss model.


Air density adjustment

Under Turbines, the power curve now has 1.225 kg/m3 as a default but you can add or upload multiple power and thrust curves for different per-air densities from the respective OEM by clicking New Power Curve.


Youwind will always use the power curve with the air density that is closest to the hub height air density at the site as the most representative power curve for the scenario.

Further to using the most representative power curve, you can optionally apply a density correction to the power curve to make it match the site density exactly.

To do this in the scenario, you can then tick the box to make the air density adjustment. If there is only one power curve, then that power curve is used by default and then adjusted.
If there are more power curves with multiple air density figures then the closest one to the air density at hub height is chosen and adjusted if needed.


The differences can then be seen in the yield and power curve comparison:


As well as in the graph comparing power curves:



Internal and external wake effects split in the efficiency table

Under the Park layout design when ticking the following "Calculate internal and External wake losses separately" Youwind will perform two wake runs.

This is then reflected in the scenario overview table in Scenario Overview and Finance.


Easy build-out of neighbouring wind farm scenarios

Under Park layout design It is possible to write the name or names of already built wind farms to evaluate the optimal layout and calculate the external wake effects.
It is enough to write the letters of the wind farm and then while ticking Include neighbouring parks in the wake loss calculation the overall wake loss takes the internal and external wake effects into account.

However, over the next few years, there will be multiple new wind farm areas that will come online with different timelines. To build up a neighboring wind farm scenario, it is easy to create a layout directly in the park layout design and save it directly as a wind farm that is to be used to calculate external wake losses.

(Step 1)
Create a layout in the wind farm zone that is to be developed in the near future

(Step 2)
When you are happy with the layout including what turbine is estimated to be built you can save it directly in Turbine location groups

(Step 3)
Make a new layout that includes the neighbouring wind farm from step 2

The overall wake effects change accordingly. Make sure you tick the calculation button and include the neighbouring wind farms so the wake effect is accounted for.


Mouse coordinates and duplicate button

In Area screening now the coordinates in lat and long are shown when hovering over any position with the mouse. It is shown in the right lower corner below the Youwind logo. 

Within any scenario, it is now possible to duplicate by clicking the More button. 



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