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May 15, 2023
5 min read time

Youwind new tools and features, May 2023

Development Update – May 2023

We are happy to share with our users that the May updates include several exciting new tools and improvements for accelerating offshore wind park development:

  • Easier workflow of new and existing projects by integrating Site and Country data
  • Export a 3D model of your wind park to Google Earth, for visual impact assessment
  • Automatic generation of layouts utilizing the full area
  • Improved bathymetry data with GEBCO 2023
In this article, we will give an overview of these latest enhancements to our tools. All these features are now ready to be used in the Youwind IT Platform.

As always, you can write directly in the chat box in the app or simply write to to get further information or help from our offshore wind experts.

Organize multiple scenarios in a project

In order to help you organize your wind park projects better, we offer you the possibility to group multiple wind park Scenarios inside a Project.

In order to do so, we changed our app menu and naming a little bit: your existing projects are now found under Scenarios, and under Projects you can create groups of Scenarios under one Project.

Our new menu items: Projects and Scenarios

An example Project, with Scenarios for three wind parks in Apuglia


Easier workflow for new and existing scenarios

We have integrated Country and Site data into each Scenario in order to simplify your workflow. Now you have the main parameters of your project in one place.

The main parameters of your project in one place...

Talking to our customers, we realized that many of the financial and site parameters previously maintained in Country and Site vary from project to project, and we decided to integrate them into the Project. This will allow you to have a better overview of your project inputs and do parameter studies.

An easier start to your project...

As intuitive geographic information has become the cornerstone of our app, we now allow our users to start a project simply by drawing a wind park development area on the map.

If you want, you can just leave the other parameters as they are... Youwind app will automatically select the closest harbor, and the onshore substation, and collect all relevant geographic and wind resource information to do your first wind park business case evaluation when you create the Scenario.

An easy link with the VORTEX™ platform

When you are used to working with the VORTEX FDC platform to study wind resource data, you can start your wind park evaluation with 2 clicks.

Click the Youwind on the VORTEX platform...


and land in the Youwind app. Edit the boundaries of your wind park development area click Create ...

.. and there you have your first business case evaluation for a wind park on the location:




Automatic generation of park layouts with maximum spacing

We have streamlined the process of generating park layouts by adding an automatic spacing tool for your wind turbine rows.

By checking ☑️ Automatically find maximum spacing settings under Generate a layout based on spacing settings, the Park Layout Design app will automatically space out the turbine rows maximally to fill up your wind park development area. The smart algorithm leaves extra space in prevailing wind directions to minimize your wake losses.


Integration with Google Earth for visual impact assessment of your wind park

With a small but powerful button, the Park Layout Design module will generate a file that you can load into Google Earth™ to show a 3D visualization of your wind park layout.

The wind turbines are shown in Google Earth with accurate rotor diameter and hub height, and facing the wind direction with the highest probability so that you can do a visual impact assessment from any viewpoint.


Wake model updates

Furthermore, in Park Layout Design, the N. O. Jensen wake model has undergone small updates to match DTU benchmark cases, and TurboPark with blockage has undergone updates to match the implementation by Ørsted.

Improved bathymetry data

Bathymetry accuracy has been improved by integrating GEBCO's most recent 2023 bathymetric data sets.


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